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Dear Julie,

I want to thank you and your staff for the outstanding work you did on my behalf this past year. Contracting with your firm was the best thing I did for myself and my husband.

When my husband suddenly became seriously ill and was hospitalized for what would be a very long time, I was really unsure of what I would be facing financially and emotionally. You and your staff were so helpful in guiding me through the maze of paperwork and providing ongoing advice and support throughout the year. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you. You took a big load off my shoulders and allowed me to concentrate on learning to care for my husband and eventually to bring him home.

I was so surprised when your office contacted me with the news that since I hadn’t needed the full range of services you first thought I would need, you were refunding a significant portion of the fee I had paid to you when I signed the contract. This is almost unheard of in this day. I hope you will be happy to know that the money will go towards installing an overhead lift to help me continue to care for my husband at home. It is not always easy, but we are doing okay.

I consider you and your staff my friends and I look forward to a continuing professional and friendly relationship.



Dear Julie & Staff,

I really appreciate the help and advice you gave me. You all made me feel so comfortable. Your explanations were clear and I understood (pretty much!) what was going on at all times. If I ever need financial or legal help in the future I will be sure to come to Horizon.

Thank you again,


My husband and I are an elderly couple who needed assistance in updating our Living Trust, as well as guidance with medicare/medical issues.  We never had prior needs for an attorney; we were so lost and did not know who to turn to. We were referred to Horizon Elder Law by a friend.  My initial meeting was with Julie Fiedler at my house since my husband is handicapped.

What an experience that was!!!!! Julie did not limit her time to hear my case, on the contrary she was so patient with me, listening to everything I had to say. She made me feel so comfortable up to the point that without realizing it she had spent almost two hours with me.  She was so knowledgeable, compassionate, accommodating and understanding.

After I hired Julie, I had the pleasure of working with her staff, especially Stephanie Gouvaia (whom I dealt with the most) that was another most pleasant and positive experience.  No matter how many times I call for questions, they were always there answering all my questions easing my pain and giving me a lot hope and reassurance.

I highly recommend Horizon Elder Law because I deeply feel in my heart that all seniors will get all the assistance, guidance and compassion they need without the worry.


Your team/staff makes the clients mountain-like issues turn into “bite-size” plans. Thank you


Julie, Carol & Staff

With heartfelt thanks for your heart-filled way of taking care of your clients you are a God send to myself and my mom.



Julie I want to thank you for helping me out when I thought we were going to need your services for my mother. You were so kind and I felt the support that you gave me during the last week of my mom’s life when things changed so quickly from day to day. I felt a real connection with you and thank you for the work that you do.



Julie Fiedler and her whole staff are AMAZING!

You showed so much talent and professionalism with my mom and myself; I am more grateful than I can express. You were put in such an awkward situation but handled it with ease. You are remarkable as an attorney and as a human being. My heart is so blessed to have been referred to you.

All my best,


Hi Julie,

Just want you to know that we are so thankful for your help re-doing our trust. We loved the consideration and care you and your staff gave us. Thanks so very much.


Dearest Julie,

We have all just returned from Hawaii, where we have taken my dad to join his beloved wife. There were 17 of us and we gave him a proper Hawaiian send off. I just wanted you to know that we all felt so very lucky that you became a part of our lives when you did. You helped us navigate our journey with knowledge and dignity. Your work with our family made a big difference both at the time we were experiencing losing our dad but also as a gift we can carry into the future.

With Care

Dear Julie,

We truly appreciate your patience with us and also your excellent business ability. We are very pleased with your work and we consider you an excellent attorney but one with a gracious and friendly spirit as well




Thanks again for an excellent job. Best of luck in your second career as an attorney.



Thank you is never quite adequate for the help you’ve given, but thank you anyway. We’ll see you soon.



Dearest Julie,


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all you had offered our family. Your support and guidance has ultimately left us a stronger and more cohesive fellowship of siblings who will be loving and supportive of each other in the future. Your work honors our most senior citizen, and leaves a legacy of healthy families for the future,

Thank you again,



Thank you Julie so thorough so professional as was your participation at the Seminar.



Whatever you did worked. I can’t thank you enough. You are a sweetheart~

Love Janet

Dear Julie,

Thank you for taking the time to speak to the Central Country Senior Coalition about advance planning around legal issues. Your passion for taking care of people and your understanding of sudden health problems and how they affect the entire family with regard to decision-making was impressive. This was a great opportunity not only for seniors who may not already have made those important decisions, but also for the service providers who are asked legal questions and don’t have the expertise of the resources to get those answers quickly.


From the questions during your presentation and the number of people that approached you afterward, it appeared that there was great interest in your topic. The purpose of the Coalition is to provide information and resources to the community and your presentation met that goal in regard to legal issues.

Thank you again for informative presentation that was beneficial to those who attended.


Gerald and Carole

Dear Julie:

Thank you so very much for all of your help. My parents would never have gotten out of the hellish situation they were in without you! As you know our situation was a mess, at best! With your legal expertise, my Dad is now living in a beautiful, stress free environment. I thought there would never be “light at the end of the tunnel”, but you kept promising us there would be. It was a LONG battle, but last year at this time, I never would have believed we would be where we are now. I only wish my Mother could have lasted longer so that she could have benefited longer by all of the progress that you made possible for us. We are grateful that Mom did make it to Reutlinger and at l when she did pass away, it was with much dignity and surrounded with love. The way you helped us by referring Vincent M. Casiano to us was priceless! In one day at the court house (and a lot of effort on Vinny’s part), Vinny cleared up a legal mess that had already cost us about $30,000 in legal fees, months & months & months of agony and worst of all, no end in sight. When we left the courthouse, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off of our shoulders! You and Vinny are “Miracle Workers”. If either of you ever need a referral from us, please feel free to give anyone my contact information.



Though it has been an honor to take care of the needs of my aging father, it sometimes has been challenging as well. Nevertheless, the most difficult tasks have been made easier through the legal services provided by Julie Fiedler, attorney at law in the state of California, and by the way, a registered nurse as well.

When my mother required long-term care in a nursing home, Ms. Fiedler was recommended to my father because of her legal acumen and her positive and caring approach to her clients. Indeed, her skills and knowledge of the laws of California have proved to be superb, and she helped my father through what could otherwise have been difficult financial and emotional times. She saved my father’s home and his savings.

But the most refreshing aspect of Ms. Fiedler’s practice is the care and concern she and her entire staff show toward their clients. This is so out of the ordinary. She has frequently gone out of her way, using her own time and finances, to assist my family. Ms. Fiedler and her staff visited my father in the hospital after surgery and at home when he simply wanted a visit. And now that my father requires long-term care, Ms. Fiedler and her staff have been at my side, providing me with excellent legal, financial, and even personal assistance. For a reasonably priced, one-time fee, I have had all of my legal needs met in a professional and caring way. I cannot recommend Ms. Fiedler highly enough.

– Alan


Thanks again for an excellent job! We appreciate everything you have done for us.

– Frank

Dear Julie,

Thank you for making all the changes. We truly appreciate your patience with us and also your excellent business ability. We are very pleased with your work and we consider you an excellent attorney but one with a gracious and friendly spirit as well.


Julia & Lee

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